is Open for Business!

Whether you are looking for tactical packs, gear bags, hydration packs, camping packs or hiking backpacks you will find them here at Combat Pack.

Combat Pack carries a wide selection of packs and tactical accessories for all your needs. These are some of the products you will find in our store:

* Tactical Packs – These are some of our most popular products here at Combat Pack. Our Tactical Packs are not just regular backpacks, these are high quality packs that were designed with customization in mind. You are able to customize our tactical packs with a wide variety of accessories and pouches to fit your needs. Military and Law Enforcement personnel will find that our packs can easily accommodate all of their gear and equipment and many of them will even include a hydration pack or be compatible with hydration packs on the market.

* Gear Bags – Our Gear Bags are made of the best quality materials and will hold all the gear you need to whether you are traveling or camping. Many pockets allow you to keep everything inside your pack organized and different colors and styles mean there is one that will fit in any situation.

* Versipacks – Another popular line of products here at Combat Pack, Versipacks are as their name implies very versatile, you can carry communication devices, water containers, ammunition, medical supplies and pretty much you can think of! Not only do the Versipacks have a lot of compartments for all your gear but you can customize them with ties and holsters to better fit your needs.

* Hydration Packs – Every Combat Pack customer must always keep hydrated no matter what adventure lies ahead; these convenient hydration packs contain a pouch that can be filled with water so you can keep hydrated on the move, great for hikers and military personnel. Many of our Tactical Packs will also accommodate hydration packs that are out on the marker.

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  1. I love hiking and always like a good pack.

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